The Banksia SPIN

What has been your investment performance over recent years?

We do not have ‘typical’ client portfolios. Instead, each portfolio reflects the risk tolerance, time horizon, return objectives, income requirements and personal financial goals of each individual client.

We incorporate nine separate investment Risk Profiles into assisting us (and you) determine your tolerance to investment risk. Investment markets can be volatile and it is important that the levels of risk you undertake are matched to those that you are either (1) prepared to actually accept and/or (2) are required in order to achieve your investment goals and objectives.

The scope of Banksia Partners Australian Financial Services License is very broad allowing us to incorporate managed funds, Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed company shares and securities, Australian Government Bonds, term deposits issued by banks, property securities, etc, within individual client portfolios. The degree to which investments are diversified across various asset classes is determined by your Risk Profile and your investment objectives.