Banksia Partners is owned by its Directors & staff and has no ownership connections with any financial institution. Continue reading

Building Wealth

Building Wealth

Is the advice I receive really in my best interest?

In today’s complex world it is often difficult to discern if you are receiving impartial advice focused solely on addressing your personal requirements – or instead being ‘sold’ a financial service that best serves someone else’s interest!

Banksia Partners is owned by its Directors & staff and has no ownership connections with any financial institution; the company has its own Australian Financial Services License (No 287080) issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and believes that the advisers role is that of a ‘fiduciary’ for the firms clients.

To demonstrate Banksia Partner’s commitment to our client relationships we have developed our own ‘Fiduciary & Guiding Principals’ statement that enshrines the underlying ethical framework through which we engage with clients.

Making the correct strategic decisions in relation to accumulating, managing, and retaining personal wealth is often harder than earning it in the first place!

At Banksia Partners we can assist in guiding you through the maze of financial strategies, investment options, taxation considerations, economic and market factors, etc. to help formulate a personalised financial plan that sets you on the path towards achieving your financial objectives.

Your Banksia Partners adviser can:

  • provide a complete and in-depth analysis of your individual current financial circumstances – identifying both strengths and weaknesses;
  • provide assistance in determining short, medium and long-term financial goals;
  • assist in developing a detailed financial strategy that provides the framework for all subsequent investment and wealth management decisions;
  • help assess and determine a comfortable level of investment ‘risk’ and then balance investments appropriately;
  • advise on the most appropriate financial products and structures that maximise returns and minimise tax, yet still retains flexibility and access to funds;
  • assist in the implementation of the agreed strategy; and then
  • regularly review strategies and investments to ensure that each remains appropriate to your current circumstances and objectives.

Banksia Partners’ Financial Planning Process has been developed over many years and provides a robust framework from within which one of our Advisors will initiate your introduction to a better financial future. Contact us today to make a no obligation appointment and see if we can assist you onto the path of future financial prosperity.