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The aim of most financial advisors is to provide maximum returns with minimum risk. Yet each person’s idea of ‘risk’ is different - as different as each persons individual circumstances and their personal financial situation.

At Banksia Partners we take the time to get to know and understand each client's individual aspirations and objectives so as to assist and guide them on to the appropriate financial path. We never lose sight of the fact we are dealing with people, not just their income and assets.

We prefer to see our role as that of a financial mentor – we want to join you on your financial journey!

Our clients can benefit from our financial planning expertise particularly in the following areas:

Wealth Accumulation and Investment Planning

Building, protecting and managing our clients' wealth is our objective. We can guide you through the maze of investment options and develop a financial plan that will generate competitive and tax-effective returns.

Superannuation Planning

We can develop a tax-effective superannuation strategy that maximises the benefits of your superannuation, making it work harder for you. We will address key areas such as whether a self-managed superannuation is a suitable arrangement for managing your superannuation, contribution strategies (including spouse contributions, non-concessional contributions, and ‘downsizer’ contributions), life insurance options, managing and monitoring individual Transfer Balance caps, small business sale CGT concessions, etc.

Retirement Planning

We can help you achieve a secure and comfortable retirement by providing practical advice for reducing the impact of inflation, minimising taxation, maximising social security entitlements, rollover strategies, Transition to Retirement strategies, and the use of discretionary trusts. Your financial plan will aim to build your retirement capital whilst you are still working and deliver a secure and regular income stream.

Taxation Management

Effective taxation planning underpins our investment advice and planning and is an integral part of your investment plan. We can provide advice on how you may be able to minimise taxation by working with your accountant or taxation adviser to develop tax-saving strategies.

Estate Planning

In conjunction with your solicitor, we can also develop an estate planning strategy tailored to meet your unique circumstances. Analysing related taxation and estate planning issues such as Wills, powers of attorney, prepaid funerals and testamentary discretionary trusts creates opportunities for you to minimise tax payable by your beneficiaries, whilst also protecting your assets and ensuring they are applied for the benefit of those you intended.

Age Care Advice

Our advisers have helped many families transition a loved one from home or hospital into aged care. Age care is a highly regulated sector, with very complicated eligibility assessment rules and financial means testing criteria. We evaluate your unique aged care needs and see exactly how we can help you ease the burden, minimise aged care fees and maximise social security benefits.

Banksia Partners also offers a range of specialist services to both individual and corporate clients that can be tailored to their individual circumstances. These encompass:

Executive Financial Planning

We can offer personalised financial advice for executives, professionals and senior managers with limited time to manage their own financial affairs.

Expatriate Financial Services

We can help expatriates maximise the wealth they create while working overseas by helping with an array of decisions focussing on superannuation, property, taxation, legal, banking, insurance and residency.

Redundancy and Early Retirement Counselling

For employees who have been made redundant or are considering early retirement we can provide customised advice through private financial counselling sessions or seminars to assist with making the right decisions and investment choices

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