Estate Planning

Planning Your Estate

How can I turn my financial success into a lasting legacy?

If you have worked hard throughout your life to ensure you and your family are financially secure the last thing you want is to leave your beneficiaries a financial legacy that is an administrative nightmare or adversely impacted by income and capital gains taxes.

Moreover, many Australians have amassed considerable wealth throughout their lives and many wish to ensure they provide a perpetual legacy for present and future family generations.

Planning your estate involves much more than simply drafting your Will, organising Powers of Attorney, and appointing Executors and Trustees.

With appropriate Estate Planning you can ensure your financial affairs are structured to maximise the outcomes for your beneficiaries, addresses the administration of those assets that sit outside your personal estate (i.e. superannuation or Family Trusts) and gives certainty to the passage of your wealth to your beneficiaries in the most tax efficient manner.

Banksia Partners has extensive experience in the administration of Estate Trusts and assisting Trustees in managing financial assets bequeathed to them.

Your Banksia Partners Adviser will work with your Lawyers and Accountant to help you effectively plan your estate, providing certainty to you and your family that your loved ones will be looked after in accordance with your exact wishes. Contact us today and arrange a no obligation appointment to discuss how Banksia Partners can assist you in planning your estate.