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Social Security

Retirement Planning

Australia’s retirement and welfare system is based on three pillars:

  • Government Funded Age Pension meant to cover basic living requirements.
  • Employer funded Superannuation Guarantee scheme designed to assist in maintaining the standard of living you are accustomed to.
  • Voluntary employee superannuation contributions that can be combined with the first two pillars to fill any gap.

Future adequacy of the government funded age pensions is being seriously questioned, increasing the importance of superannuation and ‘private pensions’ in ensuring your future financial security.

We can help you achieve a secure and comfortable retirement, providing practical advice that integrates these three policy pillars by:

  • Structuring secure income streams from available superannuation and other savings
  • Maximising age pension and ancillary entitlements where applicable
  • Minimising taxation
  • Reducing the impact of inflation
  • Providing staged ‘transition to retirement’ strategies where you might wish to ‘wind down’ rather than ‘stop’ altogether!

For employees who have been made redundant or are considering early retirement, we can provide customised advice through private financial counselling sessions to assist with making the right decisions and investment choices.