Retirement Planning
Social Security

Social Security

Are we maximising our entitlements to Social Security benefits?

While some of those retiring from the workforce will have more than enough in savings to provided their desired level of retirement income, for many of us it will be a matter of combining income funded from our own recourses with some form of support from government funded benefits.

Entitlements to the government funded Age Pension and other benefits are generally ‘means tested’ but retirees are still entitled to optimise their financial situation so as to maximise the benefits they receive.

Seeking our advice could make the difference between obtaining a part Age Pension (or Veterans Affairs pension); or missing out altogether!

Even if you are not entitled to a part Age pension you may still be eligible for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, or obtaining other Seniors concessions allowances and the ‘Seniors Supplement’.

As part of our advice process, a Banksia Partners adviser analyses your financial situation with a view to ensuring you obtain the best financial advantage from the various government funded pensions and benefits available to you.