Financial Planning Process

Step 1 Meet Your Adviser

Meeting with a Banksia Partners Financial Advisor for the First Time

The first meeting between you and your prospective Banksia Partners Advisor should establish an understanding of –

  • what it is that you are seeking from your prospective advisor;
  • how you are currently situated from both a ‘lifestyle’ and financial perspective; and
  • what your future goals and aspirations are.

In order to better understand your personal circumstances, your Banksia Advisor will ask a series of personal questions about you and your financial situation (Information provided is kept in the strictest confidence as per the Banksia Partners Privacy Policy). For a copy of our Client Questionnaire, please contact our office on 03 9458 4588 or email to

The information gathered as part of our “fact finding” process becomes the personal ‘qualitative’ information that your Banksia Advisor will ultimately utilise to develop a Strategic Financial Plan tailor-made to your exact circumstances, so that the plan we put in place really does deliver the results you’re hoping to achieve.

During your initial meeting, your Banksia Advisor will discuss a range of issues to –

  • Identify any immediate financial weaknesses
  • Clearly identify any short, medium or longer term financial objectives
  • Develop an understanding of your tolerance to different levels of investment risk (click here for our Guide to Investment Risk and Return)
  • Assess whether you have dependents, own a business, have a family trust, self managed superannuation fund, etc.
  • Highlight estate planning matters (maybe as simple as ‘do you have a Will’)
  • Explore when you might like to retire or ‘transition’ towards retirement
  • Explain how Banksia Partners is remunerated for its services should you proceed further
  • And so forth …

Your initial consultation is free of charge and carries no obligation.

At this point we should have answered any questions you have about our services and you should comfortably be able to decide whether you wish to cement a relationship with us. In most instances (unless we have already had a long term client/advisor relationship), we will confirm our appointment with a letter of engagement which outlines Banksia Partners obligations to you and your obligations to Banksia Partners, the ‘scope’ of our engagement and the agreed fee structure and methods of payment.

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